HomeKit automations won’t turn back on

Last weekend I turned off some automations in Home to turn on stuff at various times. Then I turned them back on when the long weekend was over. Except 4 days later none of them are working again. They are all on, just not activating.

I have 2 Apple TVs, 5 HomePods, and 2 iPads that could be controllers. All devices are working fine and fully updated.

New automations work fine.

Any ideas how to get them to work short of deleting and starting over?

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I had a similar issue this week.

For me it helped to restart all my HomeKit hubs (a HomePod mini and an Apple TV4).

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Power off all HomeKit hubs for several minutes or longer. Power one back on. Make a change to anything in HomeKit. Power the rest on after a long delay.

Rationale (anecdotal, but seems right). HomeKit uses a distributed database with the “source of truth” in iCloud.

Powering up only one Hub will enable it to sync back to iCloud and insure not competing with other hubs.

Making a configuration change and letting it “bake” for a decent amount of time will insure that it’s copy of the HK database is flagged as the most recent/up to date and sync back to iCloud.

When the other hubs came back up later, they will be stale config and re-sync the newer database from iCloud.

If the database seems to be corrupt anyway, the next level step would be to create a new HomeKit home and then manually reset every HomeKit device and onboard it to the new home.

After that, nuke everything and call Apple tech support. Rumor, but never definitively confirmed, if you can escalate to an engineering level, they can do some magical iCloud server-side nuke of the HomeKit database to truly start fresh.

Hate to preach, but for me, this is the #1 reason I cannot recommend HomeKit to new clients as their primary smart home control system.

I will help them if they choose it on their own, but Apple does not provide the basic diagnostic and customer support capability that dealers like myself need to be able to successfully support our clients in a paid/professional install.


Thank you guys. I already reset all possible hubs, so will see if that works first. If not, I will try your advanced steps @SpivR.

Restarting everything fixed it, so thanks @rob. Definitely will keep your TS tips a backup next time I have Homekit issues @SpivR. Thank you both for your time.