HomeKit Backup & Restore

Hello MPU gang, writing with a HomeKit question. In the course of troubleshooting my Chamberlain myQ Homebridge today I accidentally deleted my home from HomeKit (oops). Obviously, my all my rooms, accessories, and scenes are gone. I didn’t have too much in the way of automation yet, so in a way it’s good this happened now before I fully dive in. HomeKit is enabled in my iCloud backup, but I can’t see any way to restore my prior home & associated info (scenes, rooms, accessories). Does anyone know if (1) it’s possible to restore my prior home from iCloud without having to do a full iOS restore and (2) there is another way to backup up this data so this won’t happen again?


Well, this is a huge hole in my backup scheme, and unfortunately, I don’t think I have any info that would help you.


HomeKit info is only backed up if have encryption turned on for backups.

I ran across the Controller app that purports to backup and restore HomeKit data.

Thanks John, I’ll take a look at Controller.

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I believe you would need to restore to a previous backup. Since you don’t have a bunch of stuff, it may be better to add everything again. We have 67 devices now running in HomeKit so would personally do the restore.

The Chamberlain myQ is total and complete :poop:! It almost cause me to have a mental breakdown. Back to Amazon it went. For the past 8 months or so, I have been using this device from Insignia and overall pretty pleased. It’s not perfect having times where you have to unplug/plug, but generally it’s been pretty good for us.