HomeKit Home Hubs

I’ve put this in hardware but it could be software related too.

I’m very fortunate to have two HomePods and two Apple TV’s in the house; one is a version 4 and the other is a 4K - this is the latest addition to the house.

I have various HomeKit devices scattered across the house.

My question has two parts…

  1. Is there any benefit to having a HomePod set as a HomeHub instead of an AppleTV?

  2. Currently I have all four devices listed under Home Hubs in the HomeKit app, but only 1 is listed as ‘Connected’ (my original ATV) and the other three are listed as ‘Standby’. I don’t seem to have an option to select which one is used. I can go into the ATV settings and disable the ATV’s that way which then shows them as ‘Disabled’. Which is the best Home hub configuration?

Thank you.