HomeKit Home Hubs

I’ve put this in hardware but it could be software related too.

I’m very fortunate to have two HomePods and two Apple TV’s in the house; one is a version 4 and the other is a 4K - this is the latest addition to the house.

I have various HomeKit devices scattered across the house.

My question has two parts…

  1. Is there any benefit to having a HomePod set as a HomeHub instead of an AppleTV?

  2. Currently I have all four devices listed under Home Hubs in the HomeKit app, but only 1 is listed as ‘Connected’ (my original ATV) and the other three are listed as ‘Standby’. I don’t seem to have an option to select which one is used. I can go into the ATV settings and disable the ATV’s that way which then shows them as ‘Disabled’. Which is the best Home hub configuration?

Thank you.

HomeKit is a “black box” you do not get any control or visibility over it’s operation.
HomeKit hubs also provide range extender for bluetooth connected devices so useful to have multiple HomeKit hubs.
Until BLE mesh becomes mainstream, it can be helpful but I prefer to avoid BLE devices as much as possible because of the dreaded “device not responding” problems in any deployment bigger than a single room.

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