HomeKit Questions

  1. Can you add more than 5 cameras to Home if you don’t set the others up for Secure Video?

  2. Is there anyway to turn of motion detection when your HomeKit alarm system is activated? I have an Abode system and when I set it to Home in the Home app it is constantly triggering the Home app alarm. I have motion detected turned off through the Abode app when the alarm is set to Home but it doesn’t seem to translate to the Home app.

The Abode app itself does but when I set it to “Home” but Apples Home app recognizes all the motion detectors as active and is “triggered”. No alarms go off but it’s annoying to go into the Home app and see the little red siren flashing.

Through the Abode app I have the motion sensors deactivated when in Home Mode.

Why did you get rid of the system?

This seems to be rather common, wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve been happy with HomeKit so far. I get “unresponsive” alerts more often than I would like but it’s momentarily. I’ll take the inconveniences of HomeKit for its security and privacy any day.