Homekit "Resume Schedule"

I have two HomeKit enabled thermostats and I have automations set so that when both my wife and I leave it turns up the temperature. I also have a schedule set so the temps go up during the day and down at night.

What I’m missing is an automation so that when one of us returns home it “resumes schedule”. I can set it to enable a specific scene, but if I return home during the day I wanted it to be the daytime scene and if I return home at night I want it to be the nighttime scene.

Any ideas?

Convert the automation to a Shortcut, then do an If on the time and activate the right scene in it :slight_smile:

Rosemary, thank you! I’m a complete noob with shortcuts, so I’m having trouble with the “if”.

I don’t see “Time” in scripting so if y’all could help, I’d greatly appreciate it! I think it needs to looks like this:

I’m assuming it should be
-when first person arrives home
-and time is between 9pm and 6:45am
-set scene “Goodnight”
-otherwise set scene “Home”

Also, this is triggered by both my wife’s phone and my phone. How does that work? Do we both need the shortcut on our phone, or will it use the HomeKit Hub (my AppleTV)?