HomeKit Switch Issue - Hue and Aqara

I have a strange HomeKit issue.

I have a 4 button Hue switch I wanted to repurpose. I reset the switch, and went in to the Hue app, and configured the switch. The. I used the “Setuo in Honekit” link. This opens HomeKit, but the switch does not appear. I can verify button presses on the Hue app, but the switch does not even show in HomeKit. Not under any room, including default.

Thinking this may be a hue issue, I bought an Aquara single button switch. I have an Aqara hub (camera) and several sensors all showing up on HomeKit and the Aqara app. The switch set up correctly in Aqara, but is not visible in any room of homekit.

I have done quite a bit of searching, and am baffled. I have tried all of the usual suspects (reset both Aqara and Hue bridges, reset the HomeKit hub, restarted IPhone, etc)

Any thoughts?

Strangely, tonight, all of a sudden, the Aqara switch was in HomeKit. Oh well. Don’t really know what caused that one!