HomePod at work

I recently got a HomePod to use it work since I’ve been given an all Mac setup. Was very excited to use this with the iMac but the HomePod will only pair with my iOS devices. I forget why but our IT guy tried to explain to me why it might not work. I assume it’s the same reason why I had to plug the scansnap ix500 directly to the Mac vs using the wireless option.

For those in the know, can someone explain why these devices can’t connect wirelessly and why it is setup this way? I’m not going to argue against current process, I just want to be educated. Thanks.

I’m going to guess they’ve turned off Wi-fi or Bluetooth (or both) on your Mac - that would be the obvious reason.

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i will doublecheck at work but I believe WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled. Could it be that the IMac is connected to Ethernet?

So WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled on the iMac and no HomePod pairing.

Your corporate WiFi connection may require a certificate on the device to connect. Provides stronger security.

Wouldn’t this mean that my phone couldn’t connect either or does that happen in the background?

Perhaps try the “Create Network” option on your Mac and see if the HomePod can connect to that?

Once the cert is loaded, the connection happens automatically. Before I retired I had a corporate Lenovo laptop and it used Ethernet at my desk but I could unplug it, take it to a conference room and had WiFi connection. No SSID visible as they weren’t broadcast.