HomePod dilemma

I have both a HomePod and a Google Home. The sound of the HomePod is superior to the Google Home, but Siri is just so bad at finding the music I like it is almost unusable from that perspective. Everyone in my home has abandoned the HomePod in favor of the Google Home. They like the fact that it recognizes what they are asking for, sound quality isn’t as important to them. So now I’m stuck paying for both Apple Music and Spotify because the HomePod doesn’t support Spotify and vice versa. I don’t want to pay for 2 subscriptions, but also don’t want to give up the Google Home because everyone else in my household would kill me. Is there a way out of this lock-in dilemma?

It sounds like the only time you use the Home Pod is when you want superior audio quality?

I’d say cancel your Apple Music subscription and just airplay Spotify to the Home Pod for those moments when quality matters.


I use HomePod in my befroom almost exclusively with my iPhone as the remote control for Apple Music. Works beautifully, the same way I’ve been using it for years with my powered monitors connected to an Airport Express in another room in the house. I want to see playlists (and recommended daily playlists and albums) and I want to see what my friends are listening to - Siri can’t help with that.