HomePod Hell - Stereo pairs fail

I have three sets of HomePods all set up as stereo pairs, one at work and two at home. Two out of the three pairs are minis. I constantly have to unplug these stereo pairs to reset them as they lose their stereo connection and start work independently again. After being away from them for a day or so, when I say “Hey Siri” they only work on their own, not as a stereo pair. This is the same on all three sets. When I unplug them and restart them, the stereo pair works again. Not a big deal I suppose, but it’s very irritating. Is there any way to prevent this issue? By they way, they always work as a stereo pair via AirPlay at all times.

Interesting strategy in this thread. The thread is from 2019, so not sure if it applies to the Mini.

  • lift the homepods off the surface and rock them gently to recalibrate. When they think they got moved, they adjust



I had the exact same issue about one year ago. I tried everything: restarts, resets, removing them from my account. And nothing helped. Eventually it stopped and everything was fine again. @JohnAtl’s quote sounds interesting. Because I indeed did move them in the process. Weird.


Thanks for your help!

You’re welcome!
Did it work?

Little HomePods like to be cuddled from time to time, else they get colicky and won’t talk to their siblings.


Seems to be working!

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