HomePod mini and Wifi Connection

I recently noticed that my new HomePod mini does not show up on the list of Wifi connected devices in Orbi. It works fine. It shows up in Homekit just like everything else. I have 3 original Homepods and they all show up on the Orbi wifi connected list.
I am wondering if this has something to do with the new Thread radio that Dan Moren just wrote about on MacWorld. Maybe the HomePod mini is not using Wifi to connect.
I do have some smart switches that use bluetooth LE and they do not show up. I get that. Do not understand how the HomePod mini is on my network.
Anyone else seeing this? Any opinions?

I checked my Eero and both HomePod minis I have are showing up, so they definitely are connected through wifi.

Thanks for the follow up.
I dug deeper. The IOS app for orbit does not show it but the web browser interface does.
Don’t know why but you help me clear this up for me.
I truly went down the rabbit hole about this new Thread radio.

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