HomePod Mini - User Access?

Hey MPU,

I am debating of trashing my Echo Dots (3 of them) in the house. Getting frustrated with Alexa either not connecting or not seeing things properly (which is odd). Example, in the afternoon, “Alexa turn off ABC”, it works…30 minutes later, Alexa turn on ABC…“ABC isn’t supported by blah blah, please check”. It’s just odd on the inconsistency, add on some privacy paranoia issues as of late. I was thinking of purchasing a HomePod Mini (start off with 1) and eventually get to 3 or as needed.

Current “Smart Speaker” uses - checking weather, calendar, playing music. The drop-in feature was nice on the Echo, I believe the Intercom would work the same way. Not sure if I can access Intercom from outside the house or not. Looking forward to handing off calls to HomePod Mini.

Is there a way to limit HomePod Mini access to only my wife and I ? This was one of the frustrations with Alexa, the kids would be able to say “Alexa, play whatever”.

On the original HomePod you can restrict who can ask about your calendar, etc. but I’m not aware of a way to restrict music. I think the HomePod mini is the same.

I understand your frustration, if I ask Siri to play John Coltrane, it will occasionally play ‘whatever’

You can access Intercom from outside your home. It resides in the Home app on your iPhone and is also available on Watch and CarPlay.

Apple Event on YouTube – skip to 10:18 for the HomePod mini section.

Unfortunately it’s one way communication. You can’t have a live conversation like on the Echo.