HomePod ~ Siri's voice volume is too loud

Finally bought a HomePod this weekend and I love it but…
Siri is always louder than the music, way too loud in opinion. Maybe it’s only a problem in small rooms but I can’t stand it.

Siri’s voice feedback should match the music’s volume or the user’s volume at least . It’s very uncomfortable to hear Siri shouting at you. That’s to me a design flaw.

I’m surprised that no one mention this on MPU but I’m not alone in this. A quick search shows threads on the Apple Support Community, Reddit etc. with the same complain.

Apparently there’s no way to set Siri’s volume independently from the music volume. I tried different suggestions mentioned in those forums but nothing really works.

Sad to see my HomePod go, it’s an impressive piece of hardware.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again if Apple adds a setting to control Siri’s volume.

You could try a different Siri voice and see if its volume is more appealingly modulated.

In the iOS Home App, 3D Touch (or long press) your HomePod. Tap Details, scroll down until you see Siri Voice. You’ll have the option between Male/Female and American, Australian, or British accents in English speaking countries.

You might try reversing the setting of Soundcheck. I find it to be a bit wonky, making some things too loud or soft.