HomePod Software Update Success / Failure

It seems we’re at the point of late where we need to report success and failure with software updates.


Installed on my five homepods without issues.
My paired pair are still functioning as a pair.
Voice recognition seems to be better for me. My girlfriend has previously had to translate for Siri, as she (Siri) couldn’t understand me very well.

disagree. Zero problems with my two HomePods

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I unplugged and moved my HomePods for a few weeks while we did some remodeling in our family room, and upon plugging them back in, I can’t get them to properly function as a stereo pair. I’ve unpaired and repaired, rebooted, and made sure they’re up to date, with no luck. In the Home app, they show up as a pair, but when I call them up via AirPlay they show up as 2 separate speakers, and audio only plays to whichever one I select. I can select both individually, but in the past they showed up there as a pair and I just had to select the one listed. I’m perplexed.

Thanks for sharing your success. That’s why I named the thread Success/Failure.

Have you tried a factory reset?
I had insidious problems with mine a couple of times, and a factory reset fixed them.

I have not. Thank you - I will try tonight.

Last update appears to have gone well, but I just noticed Siri now says 120 East Mail “Saint”, instead of Street" when speaking addresses. I don’t recall that ever happening before.

I had no problem with the last update (or any update) on our single HomePod. Last month we added two more Leviton dimmer switches and a Wemo smart plug, all working seamlessly. Now that it handles my personal requests well (or have I learned how to ask nicely?), I’m thinking it’s time to test the multi-person features.

I didn’t expect to see any Siri changes until iOS 14, but Siri has moved my town (Lewes, DE) further west, from Lewis, NY to Lewis, KS. I don’t have a good handle on what Siri handles in the device and what it sends to the servers…