Hotspots no longer appearing in available networks

First my own iPhone hotspot disappeared. I tried all the usual off/on reset options. I manually specified it as a network and was allowed to connect. That listing is still showing up in Network Preferences > Advanced. But when I want to select it again, it doesn’t show up in Preferred or Other Networks. So i have to delete it from Preferences, then create it again? Really puzzled and frustrated.

Wife’s phone shows up under Personal Hotspots, just not mine.

Update: deleted my hotspot from Preferences. Now it shows up, but – just the name, no bars, service and battery status icons. This is just weird.

It is possible that this started only after upgrading to Monterey. Is this a known issue?

Try using the Control Center in Monterey. Click the WiFi control in that panel. For me, in Monterey, it shows my phone’s personal hotspot with an indicator that it is available or not available.


And, just to be obvious, sorry, check the phone to make sure the hotspot sharing is on.

no info no matter where I view it:

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 1.41.25 PM