How about a music thread?

But enough of all this tech stuff! We know @MacSparky is a big jazz nerd. Was it you who turned me on to Billy Harper in one of your tweets a while back? (If not, check him out — the cat can blow a horn!) Besides  Music, where do y’all go to find new artists?

Super old school: we have a radio in my office and I use Shazam to figure out which song it is I like :wink:

Other than that, I do stumble across things in Apple Music playlists that send me down rabbit holes :slight_smile:

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I listen to Radio New Zealand - Music 101 podcast. Discover new and old music.

I’ve been using an approach that Jim Dalrymple talked about on his blog. Mostly using Apple Music in radio mode on various stations that I’ve created or that have been curated by Apple and liking songs that appeal to me and saving everything that really gets my attention.

I use iTunes For You every friday. Some days are a bit of a miss. Okay being honest, feels like iTunes doesn’t know me at all some times.

I also have a few playlists I have subscribed to, and sorted them so the newest releases are at the top. Sometimes I listen to some track radio stations created in iTunes, and adds the tracks I like. Further more I have some channel subscriptions on YouTube.

As a moral exercise I get the big list of Grammy nominees. Give all a listen. That gets new “popular” and …

I don’t worry much about finding new music; it’ll wash in across the bows here and there and there. Commercials, radio in restaurants, NPR incidental music, and like Rose said, that’s what Shazam’s for. I somehow stumbled onto Tyco last year and was surprised to hear it played before the WWDC keynote, it was the first time I’ve ever felt kind of hip. :joy:

When I lived in Vienna I was always listening to FM4 - a public radio station with partly experimental music and always new sound to listen to, one of the more intelligent stations in the German speaking environment, still a good place to go to.
For Jazz I go to a lot of sites like Jazziz, but also read and listen to recommendations on magazines like The New Yorker, NYT, etc.
For classical I still walk through stores and buy records (vinyl, that is) as I still think it is the maximum of sound and in my opinion you cannot listen to Mozart and alike on Songs or HomePod and enjoy the depth of that music - same applies to a lot of Jazz. But that is just my opinion …

Otherwise I just stroll through Apple Music and Spotify on the search of new sounds.

I almost never listen to radio now, but if you want to listen lo live stations over the Internet, Radio Garden is the place to go.

Anymore my music comes from my personal library (all digitized) and Apple Music. I have found a number of new artists via Apple Music, as well as recommendations from my friends (I have a number of friends who are well versed in various genres). Getting better at organizing my collections.