How can I automate moving a music file from my downloads folder to my iCloud Castro/sideloads folder?

I am a member of a paid community which publishes several training / AMA session videos every week. I download them with which automatically converts them to .mp3 or .m4a so I can listen to them.

I listen to them by moving the file from downloads into Castro’s side loads folder, then a few minutes later download them onto the Castro app.

I’d love to automate the moving of the file from downloads to side loads, but I don’t know how.

I’m sure I could use hazel, but it feels like a lot of money to spend in order to save 1-2 minutes a week.
I could learn how to write scripts and stuff (I am, technically, still a computer scientist and I used to be a programmer) … but I don’t want to invest a whole lot of time learning stuff in order to save 1-2 minutes a week.

Any suggestions, my friends?

I haven’t done this as I use Hazel, but this page (scroll down) explains how to do the job with Automator.

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Oh, you’ll need some IF statements or something to check for audio files.

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Hazel is one of those apps that once you have it, you find all sorts of uses for it.

1-2 minutes a week doesn’t sound like
Much, but it’s an hour to two in a year and you won’t have to worry again, things just happen in the background.

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Do you have Keyboard Maestro? It has a Folder Trigger that can fire a macro (for example, to move a file) when a file is added/removed from a specific folder.

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Thanks for your suggestions.

I relented and bought hazel, then installed it on my always-on Mac, set up a new rule to monitor my iCloud downloads folder, and move any audio files into the iCloud side loads folder.

Now, when I want to convert any of my video lectures to audio I get Downie to save them to iCloud/downloads and a few minutes later the file is in Castro.

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