How can I control my home pod mini with my apple watch?

Yesterday I received my Home Pod Mini which I love except when Siri acts dense and I have to unplug the device as she keeps playing songs I really, really dislike.

Anyway, my songs showed up on my Apple Watch where I was able to control them.

I didnt set it up like that but I really liked it.

Today it’s just not there on the Apple Watch.

Can you help?

It’s random in my experience, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes rebooting the HomePods works.

If it’s playing songs you don’t like, tell Siri you don’t like those songs. Unless it’s a set playlist, it won’t play them anymore.

Edit to add: Also if its not showing the current song on your phone/watch, open control center on your phone, press and hold on now playing widget, and see if you can select the HomePod, that sometimes works as well.

You can also tell Siri I love this song, I like this song, or I hate this song which will also mark it as disliked in Apple Music.

You can tell Siri Don’t play this, which will work for that specific track, not that song, or even an identical track.

Thanks! Siri has been a bit problematic coming up with songs I definitively do not want to hear. She can’t follow “Hey, Siri, I don’t want to hear this song. Stop playing this song….PLEASE STOP this music. May i rephrase the sentence?,” I have had to unplug her twice! I highly recommend it!

I have tried like talking like a Valley girl or a deep voiced guy. No luck.

I’d say she had a mind of her own. She and HAL!

I love my ipod Siri in 9.6.1. She’s got a great sense of humor.

Are you listening to a set playlist or one of your stations they make as you go? All I have to do is say “Siri, I hate this song” and it stops playing it and won’t play it again. Unless that song is on a set playlist I am listening to, then it will play it. Then all you have to do is say “Siri, next (skip, etc).”

I never have to unplug mine, that seems like a bad option.

I just get angry. I have said that I hate a given song, which I am careful NOT to add to any playlist. She’ll go right on playing it. I tell her to please stop. Over and over. I try to change it from the watch or phone. My Siri is plenty ornery.

There is some “Music” I cannot stand, so if I have to unplug her, I do. It even can set off nerve pain.

I don’t listen to the radio.

Siri and I have always gotten along fairly amicably.

She is capable of learning to a certain extent, right?

Wow, no idea what is going on. If I say I hate a song, it stops playing it immediately.

I may have to call and stump Apple Care.

I waited approx. 6 weeks to get one.

Hey Siri I hate this song
Hey Siri I hate this artist

Both should work.

When you use either phrase, does Siri give a verbal response?

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Occasionally, she will tell me that she will never play it again!

She is not consistent and I often have to tell her several times.