How did you find Free Agents?


So, how did you find (and end up listening to) Free Agents?

I found the show because I was browsing the relay site and saw the show, listened to a couple of episodes and the rest is history. :wink:


I started listening at the beginning, I think finding it from cross-promotion from Jason and David’s other podcasts. I wasn’t sure it’d stick in my playlist, but 49 episodes later, still one of my favorite shows to listen to!


Through MPU. Listener from the beginning. Looking forward to David’s reveal of his new co-host!


Isn’t the reveal already in the pinned about post for this category?


I think I heard David mention it on MPU, so thought “well, I used to be a free(ish) agent, I’ll give it a listen!” - and even though I now have a full time job I’m still listening and learning a lot :slight_smile:


From MPU. I’ve always viewed graduate school as being a ‘free agent’ sort of gig. Have listened from ep. 1!


This is indeed strange. And spoiled the surprise a little. But I like the choice. Kim Schmitz is a super interesting guy. :slight_smile:


I will miss Jason, but I’m also looking forward to the reveal.


Watching CGP Grey on YouTube begat listening to Hello Internet begat listening to Cortex begat listening to Free Agents. I’ve been self-employed for nearly 10 years, and I’m still learning how this all works!


A friend of mine at work recommended it too me, because he knew I was unhappy and planning to leave to go out on my own. Free agents has been a great tool to help me reflect on my business.


We are happy to help you… Even just a little bit. I’m looking forward to the new shows. The first show with the new house drops Tuesday.


I’ve been listening for about 3 months or so now. I’m noodling over the idea of becoming a Free Agent, and the discussions have been really helpful! Thank you.


I sort of stalk Jason as a part-time hobby, so I knew about it right away, but it’s possible the first mention was on MPU?



I found it through Relay - same way as I found MPU.


From MPU.
For the story, the podcast started few months after I went freelance.
I was so happy (and still is) to hear about all these subjects/problematics we are facing. It really helps.


Heard about it on MPU, and I was preparing the next stage in my career, and FA helped me cross that line.


Since both David Sparks and Jason Snell mentioned it, I just had to listen.
(Having been a Free Agent myself for 13 years now … and counting.)


Through MPU. I have found it invaluable for planning a transition to doing my own thing after early retirement rolls around, which won’t be much longer.


I took a similar path, and actually found MPU from free agents


I’m a long-time Mac Power Users listener. So when David announced he was starting another podcast I had to give it a try.