How did you find Free Agents?


Think I heard about it first from a podcast Jason was on. I heard about the new co-host on the recent MPU episode and was trying to guess. I thought I might know when David (I think) made a comment about increased productivity talks then saw the summary in Overcast when the episode showed up this morning.

Looking forward to listening to the episode.


Trough the Rely FM site.


I started listening to “Free Agents” after hearing Jason Snell mention it on one of his podcasts. I have listened from the beginning, to all the episodes. In 2014, I became a refugee from the world of newspaper editing and writing, which is shrinking rapidly. More about that and my way forward another time.


Long-time Asian efficiency and MPU follower. My two favorite hosts now even teamed up, too good to be true. Never listened before because I actually don‘t intend to do my own thing, but there is truth in what Mike said in the last episode about time value: Every single person is managing him/herself all the time. That‘s an inspiring perspective on the matter of responsibility.


I listened to Cortex, Upgrade, MPU and Connected and love them so I was looking for other Relay shows and I came across Free Agents. I started listening around episode 25 and I’m still gradually working my way through the back log.


I was a fan of CGP Grey’s YouTube videos (starting with his explanation about Ranked Choice Voting) and so I listened to the two podcasts he works on, ‘Hello Internet’ and ‘Cortex’. On a whim, I was looking through his CGPGrey2 YouTube channel and saw the advertisement for the special Member’s Only episode where he, Myke Hurley and Jason Snell played the Spooky Manor text adventure link to video for the curious! and I immediately became a Relay Member so I could listen to the full game (amazing series, I re-listen to the Snell-o-Tron adventures all the time and look forward to the next adventure!!). Since it was billed as a Cortex/Upgrade crossover and I liked Jason’s voice and comedic timing, I looked into his other projects on Relay which led me to Free Agents! I’ve always wanted to become better and hearing stories and discussions from Jason, David and Mike have been invaluable and inspiring and I look forward to what insight I’ll learn from each episode.


I have to admit that I would not have guessed the Snell-o-Tron would bring someone to Free Agents.


MPU, Relay. Even though I’m not currently a free agent, I still get heaps out of it!