How did you first hear about Mac Power Users?

With Katie about to pass the torch, I think we’re all getting a bit nostalgic. Seems like a good time for reflecting on beginnings. How did you first hear about Mac Power Users?


I learned about it from Merlin Mann mentioning one of his MPU appearances on another podcast (Reconcilable Differences, IIRC.)

I was on the iTunes store looking at podcasts that would help me get more out of my Mac. Here I am. I think the first episode I listened to was talking about a trip to Mars.

Yes, it was episode 253, Life on Mars, I was listening to it on a trip to Omaha. It was evening and I was driving.

I was at an office supply store tonight buying a monitor to use as a second display for my iMac. I ended up talking iMac and the new Mac Mini with the salesman.

Merlin Mann was invited (probably his first of several). And I was hooked

I listened to the first episodes … can’t remember how I heard about it. One or two reply emails made it onto the show, including episode #2, IIRC.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a the blocs of time needed to listen to long tech podcasts these days so I haven’t heard an episode in quite a while.

I was listening to another podcast and @MacSparky was the guest. That was about 3 years ago or so. I don’t even remember the podcast now but I’m still listing to MPU.

Searched for “apple news” in iTunes Podcast directory - been hanging around ever since :smiley:

I had purchased LaunchBar and wanted to learn more about how to use it. Google sent me to MPU #7, I think it was, and I’ve been listening ever since (I think they were up to about #15 when I found them, so it was easy to get caught up).


I can’t remember, it seems so long ago :grinning:

I bought the ebook Paperless by David Sparks on Christmas 2014. The bonus was it was on sale; good timing. Next thing you know, I’m listening to MPU. Most of the conversation was over my head but I kept listening. I think I am officially a nerd now.

I honestly can’t remember. It must have been 2012 or thereabouts. I think it might have been mentioned on either the MacCast or the MacGeekGab. I never looked back

For my part, a friend told me about Omnifocus and how he was using it—including some automation. He said he’d first heard about on a podcast called Mac Power Users. It was probably 2013? I haven’t missed an episode since.

Recommendation by Tim Stringer who is the business owner of Excellent site to excel with the Omnifocus productivity program.

Like @andreasl, it’s long enough ago I can’t remember where I heard about MPU. It would have been in 2010, I think.

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I bought a copy of Paperless (February 2013) then went to listen to the MPU episode about paperless workflow and got hooked that way. Bought my iX500 the same month as well.