How do businesses get into maps?

On more than one occasion I have searched for hotels in either Apple Maps or Google Maps, and found only one or two in my desired location. Then, when I arrive, there are always more than those one or two, sometimes a dozen or more.

So how do businesses get into maps? Do they have to pay for the privilege?

No, anyone can add or edit locations in Maps. In my small, rural Missouri town many of the local businesses were not in Apple Maps so I added them. There were some that were there that I also corrected locations, etc. I’m not sure of the process by which they get added but no payment is required.

So, to answer your question, I don’t know the picture of the full and complete process that happens only that it is possible for users to add and edit.


Ok, that’s cool, and I didn’t know about it. But surely the vast majority of businesses got “on the map” another way (which, I realize, you already said).