How do I get my iPhone to leave me alone?

I keep getting pop ups like the one below. Is it possible to stop my iPhone from asking? I must get this a couple of times a day.

How about just turning off location tracking? I have favorite locations saved in all my weather apps so they have no reason to know precisely where I am. (Of course, that means I do t get weather alerts, but I don’t feel I’m ever missing a hi when I’m an app-launch away from the weather.)

A recent series in the New York Times, “One Nation, Tracked”, provides a detailed look into the uses of tracking data generated by our phones:

The series is behind NYT’s paywall, unfortunately. A key takeaway: we are told that the location data collected is anonymous. True – but as the Time’s investigators show, it is simple to link “anonymous” data to specific individuals.

Turn off location services if you value privacy.


Yes, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to figure out your home address based on the phone location around 3 AM, 7 days a week. (Or similar patterns for people working nights.)

Your place of work would be equally easy to figure out.

Check Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Weather. Is it set to “Ask Next Time”?

If nothing works, delete the app…
There is already a weather app build inn. Others might be nice but if they are build to spy on you its not worth keeping if it bothers you.

Not if you want location tracking dependent features. It’s a temporary annoyance. Once you get the question about it being Always On for an app our not you won’t get further request notifications.

Even if you say always on, you will occasionally get the pop-up asking you. It happens to me.

I didn’t know that. The procedure I’ve seen, is: 1. Initial approval for (when using the app), then after a few days of the app using location services 2. second approval for Always on. After that, I don’t think I’ve seen the same apps come up for reauthorization. Of course, I’m not tracking it closely, so I may have not noticed that the same apps keep requesting reauthorization.

I have seen it come up for Dark Sky and Dropbox to name a couple.