How do I hate thee, Mojave? Let me count the ways

  1. My SMB network shares keep dropping in the middle of accessing files resulting in corruption and unsaved date. Stability with SMB has always been a problem for macOS, but this is a new level of ridiculousness.

  2. When the SMB shares stay active, access is ridiculously slow. I tried to rotate a photo using Preview last night and had to Force Quit after it kept going for several minutes. That used to be instantaneous.

  3. When running Parallels, in full screen or coherence mode, graphic artifacts appear in every Windows application.

Oh, hey, look. Saving a Word doc just took down Finder and Default Folder X. Time for another reboot. Glad I have a SuperDuper clone that I made right before “upgrading.” High Sierra here I come.

And… yup. Lost the last 1/2 hour’s work.


I use a share on a Windows 8 computer and don’t have any problems.

I’ve used Word (when forced) with no more than the normal Word crap.

Haven’t tried VMware yet.

Nothing to help your problems, but a different experience with Mojave.

Something is strange is going on. I installed Mojave on Monday and have been using SMB shares all day long every day reliably with no performance issues. I cannot comment on Parallels.

I’ve noticed come oddities, too. Today my keyboard layout switch with capslock worked only 1 out of 4 times I pressed the key. It was going on for maybe 10 minutes and afterwards everything was fine again.

I think, to pass the first 1 or 2 minor versions is always a wise decision these days.

You have just convinced me to postpone upgrading until at least the first revision comes out. Sorry you are having trouble!


Was gonna upgrade after I got off the road today…maybe I’ll just stick to High Sierra for a little while longer. :frowning

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I somehow managed to have a light schedule today, so I’ve decided to try a nuke and pave instead of going back to High Sierra right away. We’ll see what happens.

Okay, I erased my internal disk and did a fresh install of Mojave and Office. I connected to my SMB share, opened my report, edited it, and when I tried to save it, I got beach balled. I let that go for a bit and the SMB share dropped. After clearing that error dialog and giving it even more time to think, the beach ball eventually went away and I regained control. I was then able to save the file locally and copy to the SMB share.

That is most definitely not the way this is supposed to work; but is it Mojave’s problem or Word’s?

I created a new blank document and copy/pasted the report contents, tried to save to the same location on the SMB share and ta-da! It worked. Chalk this one up to Word, not Mojave. My guess is that some of the additional macro’s, autotext, etc. in our corporate template choked on the Mac version of Word.

Now to test some other Mojave things, like the slow photo access I mentioned.

Edit: Still puzzled about why it will save locally, but not remotely. That doesn’t make sense as an entirely Word issue to me.



Trust me. I’d use “anything else” if I could. I’m already disowned by my IT department for using my Mac.

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