How do I reset iOS Files cloud passwords?

I have changed my passwords to Dropbox and GDrive. Now I cannot access the folders in the Files app on iOS. I see no way to reset the links. The same will be true when I would want to use my personal account rather than my work account. I cannot do equivalent of logout and login again.

Apple help sites are of no use here.

What is to be done?


Have you accessed your Dropbox or Google Drive via their own apps since resetting your password?

I just tried to access my work GDrive through iOS Drive. No problems. I returned to Files to try again to access GDrive. The app shows a brief 2s display of the contents and then a message that “Content Unavailable … The folder content cannot be displayed due to an unknown error … Try again”.

EDIT: YES! I can change my Dropbox link from my personal to my work account in Files by changing the login at the Dropbox app itself. Now if I can just figure out how to change the name of the link (from Dropbox - Personal to just Dropbox).

I know that Files has its limitations. It seems that Google accounts are giving problems (both my personal and my work cannot be accessed). It also seems that we cannot change the name of an account link once it is created.


I’ve never heard of this problem before, but my first thought is to delete and reinstall the Files app. If that didn’t help, I’d delete Files, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Then I would reinstall Files and either Dropbox or Google Drive, and do some testing. Good luck.

A reinstall of the Files app did not clear it. A reinstall of Dropbox did not clear the name of the link in Files. A reinstall of Drive did not clear the issue with no login in Files.

I shut down the iPad between the delete -> reinstall.

At some point I’ll have to do a system test where I delete all three, shut down, restart, sync thru iTunes, shut down, reinstall Dropbox and Drive, shut down, restart, sync, and re-install Files. For now, I’ll have to live with a working but mis-named Dropbox since Drive does not work at all.