How do I share my wallpaper ? I do not have the original image file

I have a interesting problem. Last month, I found a wallpaper on reddit and set it as my wallpaper. Unfortunately, I did not save the image in my Photo library.

After posting my home screen here, people are asking for my wallpaper.

Is there anyway, I can share my existing wallpaper if I do not have a copy saved in my Photos library. I went back to reddit but I honestly do not recall where I found this wallpaper.

Any assistance will be appreciated

Nice blog you have there. What theme are you using in ghost?

Sorry can’t help with your question but will subscribe to your blog for sure.

How about screenshotting and then reverse image searching? Like:
Just a thought.
Maybe clear a page of apps and crop the screenshot to about 90% of pure original image and see what results.

@pascaltiemann - Currently, I am using the default theme Casper. I switch between Casper, Liebling and Attila. Details here. Humbly thanking you for subscribing - RSS LINK :slight_smile:

@nateconklin thank you for the suggestion. Never heard of this website but its a cool find. Unfortunately, it did not work :frowning:

How about obtaining from an iphone backup?