How do II get Devonthink 3 to sync with DT to go?

I just can’t seem to get this to work.

You need to give us some info to work with: what systems you’re using, what you tried, what the FAQ or help suggested that didn’t work, and what your results specifically were.

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In DT’s Mac preferences, there’s a sync tab. You’ll select your databases, and your sync engine of choice. (I’m using Dropbox.)

The first sync may take a while depending on the size of your database.

Then, in the mobile app, open the preferences and find the Sync section. You need to set it up to match what you did on the Mac.

This link may also be helpful:

Get both systems using the same sync store on the same location. I use my own WebDAV server but you can use other choices.

Things that go wrong include making the name of the sync store you are trying to connect not exactly the same (capitalization matters) and not giving DT enough time to download/upload all the various files appropriately.

Be sure you’ve thought about how you want to handle conflicts and set that up BEFORE you start your first sync in both devices.

I just have all db’s in icloud and point to that
Has worked fine for me

but agree: not much to work with on this question…

I’m using a MacBook Pro 16", iPad Pro 11 (first gen) and Dropbox. I believe I didn’t have the sync with DropBox set up correctly on DT3. It shows it uploading as I write this. Thanks for all the replies. I’m new to DT, was using EverNote for quite a while but got tired of some of the changes, etc. I need to load and search numerous pdf and web pages for my job and I’m hoping DT works.

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So my Dropbox points to DevonDropbox.dtCloud but the only thing that loads is the Global Inbox. On the Sync tab DropBox show two databases that I created under the Local. This don’t show on my sync on the iPad.

Make sure each Database on the Mac has been checked:

Once it’s all uploaded, they should all appear in the sync settings on the iOS client:


Consider if you really need to use Dropbox. If your synching will predominately be while on the same office/home network, then consider making DEVONthink on the MacBook a Bonjour “server” and allow incoming connections. Then, once DEVONthink has done what it needs to do to setup the server (depends on how much stuff you have), then when you add a location from DEVONthink ToGo on the iPad, it will notice the the Macbook on the “local network”. Pick it and pick which databases as ismh’s screen shot. No need to make your iPad DEVONthink ToGo a server (keep Bonjour off).

Synching via the local network way faster than Dropbox. “way” a good technical term.

Me? I have everything going to a Dropbox synch share and let take the time it takes. Once I am allowed to get back out into the real world, then there will be some level of synching via WiFi to the Internet where I can catch it.

I also use a local network synch (via Bonjour). But in the home office, DEVONThink detects the local network sync location and just does it. Quickly.

No intervention on my part. Doing both just works (but of course local network much faster). When in back yard Global HQ with my cup of coffee, that of course makes a difference!!

All this synching stuff covered in DEVONthink’s manual (help) as well in the “Take Control of DEVONthink” ebook (free at

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Did you ask for help at the DEVONthink forum? They’re pretty good at helping people get up and running on their products.

Thanks, I’ll go there.

What problem remains? Specifically, what are the symptoms that demonstrate lack of working for you? That info needed if you ask on the DEVONthink forum.

Thank you @ismh. For some reason your explanation clicked for me better than DT’s walk through.

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