How do you add multiple email aliases to one account in iOS 12?

I used to know how to do this, but the interface for mail account settings has changed in iOS 12.

This post at Six Colors shows how to do it the old way. Anybody know how to do it in iOS 12?

This is for a single Fastmail account for which I have a number of aliases.


I don’t have a plain vanilla IMAP account to test this on, but you should be able to go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts, tap the account you want, then tap on Account, then Email, then “Add Another Email…” (basically the same process as the article you linked to, it’s just under Passwords & Accounts rather than the old Mail, Contacts, & Calendars).

Thanks. It’s the “Email” step of that process where I hit a dead end. There is no button or link to do that. There is an “Email” field, and it contains my primary/default address, but it is not tap-able. In fact, it’s grayed out, so I can’t even edit it (or add more addresses separated by commas as I do on the Mac).

Does it have a little chevron on the right side? If so it should be tappable even if it’s grayed out.

Hrm. Something is definitely odd with your setup. I have a FastMail account too, and I’m able to tap the email address and enter the aliases that I use (I don’t use my FastMail address at all for sending/receiving mail, since I have my own domain(s).)

Might be worth setting it up again as a new account and see if it works there. You can temporarily disable the current one so you don’t have to delete it until you’re sure that the new one works better.

OK, I think I’ve found the culprit: Fastmail has an automatic configuration that uses a configuration profile. I wiped my phone and set it up as new last weekend, and I used that method to set up the account. What I didn’t realize at the time is that that automatic method is optional. There’s also a manual method.

From Fastmail help: “To add aliases that you wish to send mail from, you must configure your FastMail account on iOS manually.”

That must be relatively recent. I don’t remember having multiple options for setting up an iOS account in the past.

If I had checked Fastmail help first – instead of searching Google, then searching Fastmail’s forums, then searching Apple’s forums, and then posting here before that – I would have solved the problem myself. But the fact that your setup looked different from mine was the clue I needed. Thanks, @tjluoma.

Great! Glad to help. Yeah that must be new, because I don’t remember seeing it, but then again I’ve used iCloud to setup my new devices, so I haven’t done it “from scratch” for awhile.

Glad you got it working. Sorry it took a circuitous route. I’ve done that myself before, and I know it’s frustrating.

I created my own configuration profile for FastMail (long time ago, before they offered that option) and have the same problem; aliases have to be added in that profile, because I cannot add additional ones in the iOS settings.