How do you manage your music files?

The Music library is good, just not great.

It doesn’t support multiple versions and pulls data from Musicbrainz rather than letting you amend data if it’s wrong.

Does anyone happen to know whether macOS Ventura will finally support automatic sample-rate switching? I might try going all in on Apple Music if they finally enabled sample-rate switching.

This is a great idea, and I do it myself when I’m home (which means, lately, a lot) although I use Pandora. There are times, though, when having music files on your phone is a blessing. Like when there’s no internet. Somewhat surprisingly, there are still many such places.

Yes, so this is why I mark a few of my favorite playlists for “Download” to ensure I have a local copy. This is mostly used on flights and vacations abroad where I’m careful with my roaming data. Not sure if Pandora can give you this option though.

Great choice!
I’m a Yate user too. Must admit that I’m only using a small prcentage of the countless options this app has.

How does Yate compare to the Mac version of MP3tag or to other tag editors like Metadatics? I’m always on the hunt for a good tag editor …

AFAIK, MP3Tag is still the best tag editor, and I used it for a while, until the Wine version stopped working. That was YEARS ago. I then I used Metadatics for a while, and I then settled on Yate. I don’t remember why…

I checked out the link. So MP3tag is available for the Mac now? That’s awesome! Even though Yate is more than enough for my needs, I’ll check it out.

Yes! Finally! I used MP3Tag on a windows machine and then on a Mac when I was using Parallels, so I was delighted when the Mac version launched. I’m giving Yate a test drive, and seems less finicky about “invalid files” than either MP3tag or Metadatics, but isn’t as straightforward to use out of the box.