How do you use Due?

I’ve been using it more lately. It used to have just one reminder for me: Put out the trash and recycling on the curb every two weeks. But I’ve been adding and now it has:

  • Take medication in the morning and another in the evening.
  • Recharge my AirPods (I use them every day in my workout and I need to make sure I recharge them every three days)
  • Ask my daughter about her schoolwork checklist every day and lunch and dinner
  • My bathroom sink hasn’t been draining well so I pout boiling water through it once per week so I have it nag me about it
  • I have two daily perspectives in Omnifocus I want to check: Phone calls to make and actions I’m waiting on other people for. I have it nag me about checking those.

All of those are recurring. I have been putting non-recurring reminders in there, but now that Omnifocus lets me set notifications, I may try it out for that. Although having the nag in Due is useful for me.

I think it’s about your own psychology and what kind of prompts you’re likely to respond to or ignore.

I have Due and Alarmed. Due might be a little louder. It wind chimes on the hour. But I use Alarmed for everything! I like the Custom settings the best.

I picked up Due for Mac a year ago when it briefly went on sale. Despite its being somewhat bare-bones, the near-instant iCloud sync has me using the app more, for more things, ultimately making the iOS app even more useful.

Here’s one I figured out yesterday that I am awfully pleased with myself about:

I weigh myself every Monday morning when I first get out of bed. Wake up times vary by as much as an hour either way on work days, and even more on a holiday like today. But I have only a few minutes’ window to way myself in; once I’ve washed up and had coffee, the accuracy is off.

My solution: Set a recurring Due reminder for 5:30 am Monday.

Here’s the clever part: I have my phone and Watch set for DND while I sleep; I switch off DND manually once I’m awake. So the Due alarm does not disturb me — but the reminders are visible on my iPhone face when I wake up. And like most people I check my phone as soon as I’m vertical. So if I wake up at 6 am, the reminder is right there. Likewise if I sleep in until 9 - reminder is right there as soon as I wake up.

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Anyway I can change the choices? It says 19 months? I would just like it to be snooze , maybe the next day, an hour, something like that?

It looks like you accidentally set weird time periods in

Settings > Quick Editor > Quick Access Times

The ‘From Now’ tab lets you customize minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years for your times.

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Thanks it worked great.

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