How do you use Stream Deck?

I’m writing an article about the new Stream Deck MK, and I wondered what you all use the your Stream Decks for?

Also, what do you like most about them?

I can see myself using it for music apps, and other apps that benefit from non-moving hardware keys, but for regular computer use I can’t see how it improves over regular keyboard shortcuts.

(The article is for, btw)


Who can remember keyboard shortcuts? Not me!


I’ve only had mine for 24 hours, but I’m loving using the Stream Deck to stop and start Toggl timers. It’s made my time tracking data much more consistent. I also like the Zoom controls for Mute, Share, Video.

And for fun, I am enjoying the Apple Music controls, including Apple Art for “currently playing.”

I look forward to hearing from other Mac Power Users and learning about your cool Stream Deck uses.

You do not have one?

Not yet. But I’m seriously thinking about it. I’m just wondering whether it will prove useful to me. Anyone who mentions it usually loves it.

I like it. Don’t love it. But for a very particular use case.

I use my StreamDeck Mini to control my network music player that’s running on my Mac. It has a web interface. But to quickly stop and start music that’s a bit clumsy. So the SD Mini has a set of regular music control buttons (play/pause, forward, backward, info (to get a ‘now playing’ pop-up) and on/off.

Though I would come up with other practical things for the SD later. But so far, nothing came up that was more practical than a regular keyboard shortcut. And I’m using my SD for over a year now.

I started using Metagrid on an iPad to see if a Streamdeck would add value to my workflow. After 6 months of use I’ve now purchased a Streamdeck.

Its great that I dont have to remember keyboard shortcuts, and can fire off KM macros with a push of a button, the possibilities are endless

I primarily trigger Keyboard Maestro macros with mine. My two heaviest uses (first one definitely the most fun):

  • when my work phone VOIP app rings on my home Mac, I have an “answer” button on the Stream Deck. It clicks the “answer” button in the app, and turns on a red light outside my home office via a Homekit switch (so my daughter knows I’m on the phone). My “end call” button clicks the “end call” button in the app, and turns off the lamp.

  • my firm’s case management system has a notes feed, which can be filtered by tag. I have buttons for my most commonly used tags. I hit the button, and all the right places are clicked to filter my feed.


Reviving this to ask more experienced SD users for help!

I can’t get this multi-action to work right. It seems like everything works except the text entry step.

  1. Switch to Space #6 (works)
  2. Opens Downie (works)
  3. Opens user-guided extraction browser (works)
  4. Activates address bar (works)
  5. Pastes text into address bar (???)
  6. Delay 1 second (works)
  7. Open finder window to particular directory (works)

Step 5 is only getting the first letter of my text (a url) into the address bar.

1- Is this a bug anyone has encountered? (trying to figure out if it’s SD or Downie to blame)
2- Is there a workaround to accomplish what I’m going for here?

Has anybody played with the iOS Stream Deck software? I have been playing with it on my iPad Pro. I have just been using it to automate some common functions — opening some folders that i use frequently, opening a few apps that i use a lot, opening a few URLs that I use quite a bit. Mostly experimenting, but I have found that it works quite well and is very responsive.