How does one delete all content from Overcast?

I’ve got a monstrous amount of podcast content in Overcast and it completely bogs down my app. I’ve decided to just delete everything and start from scratch.

On my iPhone, I deleted the app. But if I reload it, it syncs data and I get a bunch of the podcasts back. I do have an Overcast account. When I login to the website, I can see all the podcasts there.

Perhaps it takes time to clear all the data but I’m wondering if anyone knows how to get everything deleted.

In the past, I’ve tried getting support from the developer but that tends to be a dead end. I’ll send a tweet and maybe I’ll get lucky.


You can go onto the website and delete them there.

Then there will be nothing to synch…

I am logged into my account on the website and I see no ability to delete anything. I don’t want to delete the account which is the only option I see.

To be clear, I could go into each episode and delete it but that would take me forever. Right now, I’m on my iPhone and delete podcasts one by one until there is another solution.

Where the PODCASTS are listed (under the
ALL EPISODES) you can select a podcast and
then hit the DELETE button.

This will (obviously) delete all your subscriptions

Before you do that, go to the ACCOUNT section
and EXPORT a list of your subscriptions

Delete the data, then import your list to start fresh

Is this on the website? I don’t have that option. I have two pages on the website: a) Overcast and b) Account. The Overcast page just has a list of all the episodes.

On my iPhone, on the page where it lists all the podcasts, I have two sections (one under the other). I don’t have the ALL EPISODES section anymore. I have a section for a) PODCASTS and b) PLAYED PODCASTS.

I’m basically forced to swipe left and delete each podcast separately.

Yes, right on the Overcast website, and the export
options are under the Account on the top right.

Do you not have an Overcast account?

Top Left sorry (and here is 20 characters)

I have an Overcast account but I’m currently on the free account. I wonder if that’s why I don’t see way to delete podcasts. I do have the export OPML option under the Accounts but I’m not looking to export data. I just want to delete everything.

Looking at the page there is

All Episodes
Played Podcats

Selecting one of the podcasts (in the Podcast section)

Hit Delete and away it goes…

Perhaps it is the fact that I don’t have a paid account although I have paid in the past and I don’t remember ever seeing the ‘Overcast’ page showing anything different than the screenshot below.

Ahh, yes that is it. I apologize, I misunderstood your
comment when you said “I have an Overcast account”

(Looks like you don’t have an account, you
are “just” using Overcast as your player)

No worries. Thanks for your help.

I actually do have a free account that is left over from having a paid account.

I guess I could pay $10 for a paid account again but then I would miss the fun of spending the next two hours deleting podcasts one by one.

lol! Well, look at it this way it will keep you
out of a trouble for a while… :slight_smile:

Luckily, I just found Super Bowl XLII on the NFL Network. I’ll see if I can finish this before Tyree makes his helmet catch.

I still continue to be amazed that was legal.

Have fun!

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why not just set the “keep x nr. of unplayed episodes” option in each podcast’s settings?
That keeps the nr on device to a manageable level

I don’t actually subscribe to podcasts. I just download individual episodes so the clutter is not from that.

I was able to delete all the podcasts and start from scratch. And since it was empty, the sync to my watch now worked.

Could you not just delete the app and download it again?

Or better still, on your iPhone, open overcast - settings (top left) - storage - delete all downloads

That deletes the downloaded episodes only. The list of podcasts still shows up.

I did delete the app but it still shows the list of podcasts.

It took a bit but I manually deleted everything and started from scratch. It’s a nice feeling.