How does the iPad touch screen work?

I have a colleague who, fed up with fingerprints and smears
has been “cleaning” the screen with a water/vinegar solution.

Now she is complaining about the “touch” not working at times.

Has the vinegar (I have used water with no ill effect) done
something to the iPad screen? OR is it just coincidence as
this is an original iPad Pro 12.9?

Using a Water/Vinegar solution should not affect the the Touch Screen feature (unless she soaked it in a tray) at all.

It WILL cause a cloudiness or discoloration of the finish on the glass over time. That is why Apple suggests using a soft cloth that is slightly damped with warm water to clean the display of an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc.

Tell her to stop using hand lotion or gel hand cleaner and see if that helps.

Thank you. Must confess, I didn’t see how it could have an impact
but I agree, lay off the hand lotion and use a microfiber towel