How have your computer deliveries been in the past few months?

Hey all. Ordered a new laptop last week, and the delivery date says it’ll be coming mid-April (April 15-21).

I haven’t ordered a BTO order machine in a few years. Is Apple still pretty good about hitting their delivery estimates, or should I accept that the laptop will likely be delayed further out because of COVID and the supply chain? Just curious about any of your experiences recently.

(I know general location will make a big difference on this, etc, but hoping a few folks can shed light on the general state of things right now.)

From everything I’ve seen, Apple underpromise and over deliver.

I suspect your timescale will come in for an earlier delivery.


I hope so! I already got the Touch ID Keyboard I ordered (which was apparently in stock), so I feel like one of those folks who gets their iPhone case a month before the iPhone is delivered. My anticipation is ridiculous.

I’ll second that Apple generally beats their delivery dates. However, there is a big lockdown in Shenzhen, where many Apple products are made and/or shipped.

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True. Every hardware order I’ve placed over the last ten years with the Apple Store has shipped and arrived before the estimated delivery date – sometimes a week or more earlier. Last year I followed an iPad via FedEx from Shenzhen through ten separate intermediate stops until it reached me – a week early and two days after it was picked up in Shenzhen.

I read about that and am selfishly hoping it’s mostly going to slow down iPhone shipments. My delivery date hasn’t changed yet, thankfully.

My last purchase was the M1 Max MBPro 14" BTO (32GB ram, 4TB HD) and it came about a week before it was originally scheduled to arrive. Prior to that I have uniformly had Apple products arrive on time or a day early. I don’t think I have ever had an Apple shipment arrive late or get delayed. WIth the current supply chain issues, though, I don’t think it would be surprising if Apple had to slip on some dates.

I’ve also got an M1 Max coming (slightly different config), so it’s great to know they beat their estimate with yours and very reassuring!

I did buy it a few months ago. Hope yours does come early!

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As others say, usually they deliver sooner than their promised dates. That was not the case in my last two orders back in January for iPads for the family. But they were delivered exactly in the promised window.

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I have seen slowdowns at that point many times with new release laptops, though. I think Mac launches always trickle out in big lumps, so that phase can take more time. But please keep me appraised, I’m curious — about your delivery and your impressions of the machine!

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FWIW, my Mac Studio and Studio Display have been in a “Preparing to Ship” state since last Thursday, 10 March. I’m not holding my breath that either will arrive on the 18th as estimated.

I noticed that the release dates for both slipped very quickly. Looking forward to hearing when they ship for you.

That’s a good suggestion. I checked my UPS account, and lo-and-behold there is a shipment from Apple due to arrive at my address. The last update is “Departed from Facility, Shenzhen, China” from March 12th. UPS thinks the package(s) will be delivered on Monday, the 21st. Here’s hoping they might come a little sooner since they appear to be on the way.

Slow as molasses. I ordered a Home Pod mini. Took well over a month. And I think Siri fell on her head.

Was it a month past their expected delivery date?

I’m really annoyed because last night I checked my order and it was in status “Preparing To Ship” with an unchanged delivery date of 21-22 March - But it’s now back at “Processing” and has gone back to Apr 1 - 5.

Is this normal?

Now I’ll have my displays before I have anything to plug into them.

I’m totally gutted.

But the date has gone back not just the status changing. There is also no indication of where the order is coming from whether it be the UK or outside the country.

There is no indication on the order about the shipper. Presumably, this is only available once it hits the shipped status and as I mentioned it has gone back to “processing”.

I don’t understand how you know who the shipper is and that its coming from China if it hasn’t shipped yet and tracking be available. Maybe it all works very differently in the US.

I’ve tried the UPS App and another local express delivery service but nothing appears in there.

Seems the logistics chain is somewhat different in US vs UK. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see when the status changes and I get tracking information. Just frustrating, having ordered within 30 minutes of the announcement to see the shipping date go back two weeks.