How is Catalina going for you? (6 week check-in)

I’ve held off on Catalina thus far, but it ¿seems? like things have settled down. At least I hear fewer people complaining about it.

But I’m not sure if that means it works better or people have just given in.

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Fine here. I was worried about Hazel but have had no problems with it (or anything else) about four weeks in. Full disclosure: most of my 40ish rules are just for filing pdfs (#paperless).

I don’t have any 32-bit apps so that wasn’t a sticking point and I don’t rely on iCloud, Reminders or Notes so that likely contributes to my smooth ride. Mail with Office 365 and Fastmail has been solid as always. No gmail issues to have to deal with. (Every year I hear many complaints about Mail and gmail. There’s a pattern there, so my advice is to go gmail web interface-only or rip off the band-aid, stop giving your email data to google and use a standards-compliant mail service.)

Could be people have been shouted down for complaining.

I’m still leery of Catalina. I’ve had some hard crashes. Some were from Screens 4 (now fixed), some not. My Magic Keyboard sometimes loses connection and no amount of begging will re-pair it. Then it works at some point. So I’ve been advising people who ask to hold off. Especially if people do any sort of science with their Apple devices.


Yup. Or even just people who say “We know! Stop talking about the problem!” which can make you think the problems have gone away.

I don’t really need to upgrade (although I’ve seen 2-3 little apps/utilities that are 10.15 only) but there’s nothing really preventing me from doing it, hence my indecision.


The only issue I still notice from time to time is with Mail. It sometimes will just not sync up my Inbox messages. I switch over to my Archive and then back to Inbox and they filter in. :man_shrugging: Hopefully that’ll get fixed in the next release.

Other than that, I don’t have any “known” issues.

I’ve got one really annoying issue but it’s an Microsoft issue. Teams screen sharing is broken, it doesn’t recognise that it has permissions. It was fine until the last release of Teams.

Everything else is fine, but not using the stock apps apart from calendar might help.

Interesting…you’d think the Apple accessories would undergo the most rigorous testing. My Logitech mouse and keyboard have not had any BT issues under Catalina. I have a Magic Keyboard in the closet so I’m going to charge it up and see if gives me any issues. Will report back, if so. What system/year are you running? iMac? MBP?

2015 rMBP, 2018 iMac Pro.
Logitech mouse at school works fine with their receiver, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad at home work fine.

Overall, things are pretty stable. I’ve been unable to delete items from my desktop on two separate occasions. Everything appears to work, I get no errors, but the files just sit there. Rebooting returns the system to normal and allows me to delete the items.

I’m not able to make my normal tweaks on the system due to Apple’s new security set up, and I’ve been unable to see some log entries because I cannot change the privacy settings. Some of this was expected, some was not.

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Other than the App Store not telling me when there are updates, I’m fine with Catalina. I work around the App Store issue with CleanMyMac X, which is no big deal.


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Absolutely no problem on 2 machines.
Well, no different from Mojave, anyway.

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My results have been mixed. When it works, it works really well. But, my 2015 iMac is occasionally freezing up for no apparent reason, something that didn’t occur before the upgrade. I took the iMac to the Apple Store and they couldn’t find an issues with the hardware. Catalina is running pretty much flawlessly on my 2016 MacBook Pro.

I did a clean install, and the only issue I’ve run into is that my Karabiner Elements hyperkey stops working every few days, requiring a reboot.

I’ve got it on an external drive but haven’t upgraded any of our Macs, mainly because of 32-bit apps but also because I don’t see any advantage. Also have avoided the iOS update.

I have no issues at all now. However, I don’t use any 32-but apps nor automation tools like Hazel/KM (I use Automator/Apple Script for similar things and that’s working just fine).

What a coincidence! Is was just about to ask this question here too. Plan is to do the upgrade (after making several different types of backups) this weekend. But perhaps I can better wait for 15.2?

Only black magic here. :ghost:

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Karabiner Elements would stop working for me after using fast user switching. There was an update released in the past week or so that fixed it, though. Perhaps unrelated, but just in case…:crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the heads up, Ryan. I wish that was it, but I only use one account on my Mac. But maybe I’ll get lucky and it will be a related bug and got fixed

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Was tough sledding at first. There was a time where using Word would cause a kernel panic.

Seems to have settled down.