How Long can a New iPhone Stay in the Box?

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Here’s a question - Maybe some of the Ex. Apple Store or other electronic store employees can help with. I purchased an iPhone 13 on launch day for my sister … she doesn’t want it until the end of November (Thanksgiving in the USA) … Can it sit in the box that long? Any suggestions for what to do with it if it can’t stay in the box that long ?


No reason it can’t. She she may need to charge it after she unboxes, but it won’t do the phone any harm.

When I got my iPad mini 4 a couple of years ago, the version of iOS on it was at least six months out of date. It had clearly been sitting on the shelf for a while.


I am not seeing that as an issue. Probably many retailers have them in boxes for longer durations. Your sister will have a lovely thanksgiving present though :slight_smile:


Dried apples have a pretty good shelf-life.


It’ll be fine. I’ve left iPhones in the box for weeks before (same scenario - present bought early) with no issue. The battery is factory charged to around 75% and it’s sitting with zero display and no network connection.

So, please don’t worry

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One reason you may want to return and then buy when she wants it is for the warranty. I believe the clock starts at purchase and not when it’s opened?


Yeah. That, and the return policy. If OP knows exactly what somebody wants, you’re good. But if OP just knows they want an iPhone 13 but not color / config, better to purchase closer to the date.

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My store occasionally sold iPhones that had been on the shelf for almost a year. They just needed a charge to power on and worked normally.

The oldest replacement model swap at the Genius Bar I did had been in stock for 2 years. Some people really love their older models. Recent models might have been there for 2-3 weeks at best.

Current brand new iPhone models have a turnaround life of less than 30 days in store even 8 months after release.

Hold off the purchase until you are planning to gift the phone for best warranty coverage. That clock starts ticking on date of purchase not date of activation.

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Returning now, and purchasing at Thanksgiving allows you to get the Thanksgiving sales.

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Amazing Replies… A lot of things I didn’t think of… Thanks all! … But, I made a mistake… I meant an Apple Watch … I must have been half asleep when I sent that this morning …:slight_smile: Sorry. I assume all this advice still stands for a watch. I feel like a fool now :slight_smile:

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Return it and buy it when she actually wants it.

  • If there is a defect with the product, you are out of rerun period and you won’t be happy.

  • Your warranty kicks on the moment you purchased it not when you start to use it.

  • You may get a better deal closer to Thanksgiving

  • Change of mind

Yup, same applies as for the phone