How long does a battery replacement take?


I’m wondering if anyone has experience getting their battery replaced at the Apple Store? Is it hours, days, or over a week?

I’ve got a 2015 MacBook Pro that we rely on daily for work so we can’t be without a machine, but we’re getting the have battery serviced notice in the menu bar. It works fine off the charger, and we can always get to one (my work requires it be plugged in for 4 hours anyways). Just curious if that is something they do in house with an appointment or if it’ll be for sure days+.

Apple’s service reps told me 1-2 weeks for a replacement (depending on the model) when I had mine replaced,

And how ping did it take?

I sent mine in on Wednesday and got it back the following Tuesday.

Did you mail it in or drop off at an Apple Store?

fed ex or DHL comes and picks it up and then delivers it afterward.

My battery was not replaced at the Apple Store. I’m in Florida. They shipped it off to Austin, TX. I got it back less than a week later, but that was a couple of years ago.
Your battery will not be replaced at the Apple store.

My laptop and phone battery replacements have all been in-store and took a couple hours.

How can I check battery life on my MacBook Pro from 2014? It’s not holding a charge for nearly as long and I’m thinking a battery replacement could make sense as well.

I think it was about 6 days

I’m on the latest stable MacOS (not Big Sur, I forget the others), and when I click the battery in the menu bar, it says service recommended. But there are other 3rd party apps (coconut battery?) that will give you more details.