How long have Macs been using Broadcom drivers?

I would like to know how long Apple has been using Broadcom drivers in Macs.

Why do you ask? Perhaps some context about the discussion you are looking to have would result in more responses.

I’ve just checked Wikipedia:

  • Broadcom supplies the WiFi+Bluetooth combo chip for Apple iPhone 3GS and later generations and corresponding iPod touch generations.

Just did a Google search using: mac “broadcom” driver -windows -linux “apple”
and limited to the years 1999 until 2010

Based on the discussions I found it appears they have been using broadcom drivers on Mac computers at least since 2007 and possibly 2006


I cannot provide you any context because there’s none.

Thank you @WayneG!

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Completely out of context…my brother designs circuits at Broadcom…so if you are having trouble with your WiFi, it’s his fault.