How Mac power users made my life a little easier

Hi everyone! :blush:

My background

I could see before, but became blind a few years ago. When I could see, I was a very basic user of pc and iOS devices. My most advanced knowledge of keyboard shortcuts was ⌘ + C and ⌘ +V.

After some time of adaptation to this new life style I started to learn how to use iPhone, basically to be able contact people and listen to music.
Times goes and I try to find most Efficient way to use my devices. Of course after you could see, using a phone with screen reader are 100 times slower than quickly use a mouse and quickly press the button you see on your screen.

I became interested in apps to find more powerful solutions than stock apps had to offer. Afterward started exploring that area and accidentally discovered macstories. Not so long after Mac power users was added to my library.

Now I’m happy user of powerful apps like Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, karabiner, drafts and many others.

So I created a blog where I will write about using Apple products from both perspective as blind and previously sighted user. Also about the transition from beginner to β€œpower” user.

Thanks to Mac power users community

This community helped me to learn a lot of how to get most out of my technology and I still have a lot to learn. Next on my list is javascript because it’s powerful and can be used in drafts.

You can find my writing here and latest post is If You Could Choose One iOS app to run on your Mac which I thought might be of interest to mac users.

P.S if you have suggestion of how to make site better from visual perspective, you are welcome to give feedback. My friends have already requested dark mode.


Truly inspirational.

@RDK thank you for adding an important voice to the conversation here, and on the web. It seems Apple failed to deliver for you with iOS 14’s VO design. I hope they are listening.

@jec0047 Thank you!


Hope at least that it will be fixed by 2020.

However after this bug, I will wait to upgrade to Big Sur. In case same problem will occurs there too and I do not have to end up with a broken mac.

The latest Safari update on Mac come with bugs too. Before when I navigated on a web site I used default macOS keyboard shortcuts to select text. What happens now is for example I read something and try to copy it, as soon as I press arrow keys position of VO cursor jumps to start of the page. Very annoying. So my work around at the moment if I on the web and need copy some lines of text or parts of an AppleScript, I use bear web clipper. And save as MD to drafts.

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@RDK dumb question: How do you find your way in a forum?
I mean, when you post something in a forum, how do you keep track of it?
leave tabs open?

After I post something, I will usually check it a few times during the day.
Recently I downloaded client for forums fig on iOS and like inbox tab where you can check your notifications. Only little challenge with fig app that some buttons is unlabelled and app crashes after I have scrolled few topics. Contacted developer last week, but have not got any respons yet.

When it comes to explore new topics, I have added mpu forum to my RSS feeds. If there topics which sounds interesting, I will save to Safari reading list and read them later.

Fun fact
Back in January I thought that I added mpu feed for new posts, but there was replies too. I got both new topics and all possible replies in my feed. So I read post about The New Fantastical, Exclusively thru RSS :smiley:
But later I figured out how to add the right feed which included only new posts.

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cool, great insights! @RDK
which newsfeed app? Netnewswire?

Edit: ah, Fig, missed that

Edit 2: Remembered there’s a thread about using Keyboard Maestro with voice commands, link here

anyway, cool to see a blog about the perspective of a power user, very useful!

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On Mac News Explorer simply because feeds from reddit updates more quickly compared to others RSS apps.

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Hi @RDK!

Thanks for sharing and we are all so happy to play a small role. In my head at least, my goal for every episode is to find at least one thing that the listener can take away and make life a little easier. It’s always funny to me when I hear from listeners because the one thing they got was usually not what I expected, but that is what makes it fun.