How much longer will we have an unremovable "Politics" in the sidebar of of the Apple News app?

Politics does not consume the life of anyone that is not mentally ill and does anyone else think that as a paying subscriber, one should have the option to control their own sidebar? Covid should be removable also, as a minute by minute update isn’t really necessary either.

EDIT: Since @ismh closed the thread for something that did not occur, I will point out that that I said "Politics does not consume the life of anyone that is not mentally ill " … which is much different than saying someone wanting Politics in their sidebar is mentally ill. I said there needed to be a choice. His board, his rules, but don’t insinuate something that did not occur.

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Meh, it doesn’t consume my life, but I actively follow it. I use the politics tab, and I am guessing a lot of people do, that is why it is there. Pretty much every news site you can go to has a politics tab that you can’t remove, just think of it that way.

Yes, but Apple. It’s an overriding theme of their services. Some of it I am used to, or indifferent about (like the politics tab), others drive me nuts. Like with Apple Music, I despise how it likes to default to the “browse” tab which is full of stuff I will never ever listen to. I really want it gone.

I agree with you on this.

there is nothing wrong with being able to add it and remove it like every other optional follow in the sidebar. Post covid will Politics be the ONLY thing in the sidebar? It’s a ridiculous design flaw.

Until somebody randomly mentions it in a completely irrelevant place at a completely irrelevant time.

Cough… cough…

lol . whatever do you mean?

totally irrelevant.

did you report my legitimate app design complaint to the mods also?

I would expect Apple News to always have 1-2 of those major showpiece items that their editorial team sees are part of the current national or global conversation. They see themselves as having a duty to help combat fake news by using their platform to curate quality reporting. They also see Apple News as a publication (or presented as one, anyway), not just a user configurable tool. This is based on various remarks Tim Cook has made to the media and in keynotes.

What are you talking about?

You reported that post or at least said you did.

After playing around with News yesterday on my iMac (I usually use it on iOS), the sidebar is the least of my concerns. I couldn’t even figure out how to increase the font. You can’t zoom with the touchpad like you can do on a website. And there are formatting problems, inconstant keyboard commands, and a confusing UI at times. It could really use some love on Mac.

Edit: I am an idiot, ⌘ +/- changes font. Still, the trackpad should be able to do it as well.

Complaining about an app design is one thing; suggesting someone is mentally ill by what they want to read is another.