How often does DevonThink look for new files?

I’ve got my work OneDrive indexed in DevonThink Pro Office (office pro?). how often does it look for new files I’ve added to add them to the current index?

DEVONthink will update indexed items any time you enter into the group in DEVONthink. So, if you add some files to an indexed folder in Finder, then search for that item in DEVONthink, it won’t appear. You need to, in DEVONthink, navigate to that folder, and it will update the index.

You can also select the folder (or a parent of that folder) in DEVONthink and select File>Update Indexed Items.

DEVONthink does not update indexed items in the background.


The OneDrive Mac app’s sync between OneDrive in the cloud and your desktop is sometimes flakey and sometimes fails. If you expected to see a file in DEVONthink for an indexed OneDrive folder (following @Scottisloud’s advice) and do not, then check the OneDrive sync client to make sure there are no errors reported there – or that it even connected. In my experience OneDrive sync is not as reliable as Dropbox sync.


I did this and I saw in the bottom left corner that some files were being found and indexed, but not the file I’m looking for. It’s a pdf file I just added to that folder with lots of other pdfs. I can see all the other pdfs but not the new one. I don’t get it.

Did this behaviour maybe change somehow, since you wrote this?

Considering this topic is almost 3 years old, the Devonthink Forums might have more updated information.

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It turns out that items that items cannot be indexed as long as they are also in the Devonthink trash:

That should be no surprise after reading about Indexing in the terrific DEVONthink Handbook and in Help.

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