How sad will I be if I downgrade my 2018 iPad Pro to an iPad Mini 5?

I have both. The Pro purchased by work and the Mini I bought as my own.

I prefer the Mini.

Even before the pandemic, site inspections were easier with the Mini than the Pro. Now, it’s even better, as I’m wearing a mask and FaceID on the Pro doesn’t work, whilst the finger print reader on the Mini does.

I end up typing notes on the Mini, rather than use the pencil though I do occasionally use the pencil still - the pro with the larger screen is much nicer for that, but considering I’m using it on site when I use the pen, it’s often as easy to type.

If I had to laptop type tasks (typing etc) then I’d miss the bigger screen, but quick emails, browsing, reading and note taking, the Mini is perfectly fine.


Thanks for the thoughts.

This is kind of the value calculus I was running in my head, with the “downgrade” comments being driven more by the considerations of RAM and processor power. The Mini 5 has significantly less of each, and that’s the sort of thing that I think affects long-term usability more than anything else.

And the other thing that irritates me a little bit is the on-screen keyboard for the non-pro vs. the pro iPads. The “pro” has a much better on-screen keyboard (including the swiping on a key to give the capitalized version), but doesn’t allow a split keyboard. Whereas the non-pro allows the split, but lacks the other features.

I’d be ecstatic if Apple made the keyboard on the non-pro work the same as the pro models.

But yes - the ergonomic considerations are paramount. Since I posted this I found a friend who was willing to buy my Pro for enough money to let me get a brand new Mini 5 with 256 GB, Pencil, and case.

I’m using the Mini 5, and I’m pretty happy overall. I’m learning to two-thumb with the split keyboard since the iPad actually fits in my hands. :slight_smile:

Even if it’s a little bit less “power” than I’m used to, at least it’s got a relatively current processor, plenty of storage, and a fresh battery that will last several years. :slight_smile:

I considered that, and that’s one of the reasons I’m discussing it now after the spring iPad event rather than when I was thinking about it originally back in February. :slight_smile:

That said, the rumors are also swirling that the iPad Mini might increase in size - and even with a spec bump, an increase in size is exactly what I don’t want. So if a new one drops in the fall (I can’t see a summer release) and it’s the exact same size, I’ll have been wrong. If it’s a bigger size, I’ll almost certainly have made the right choice by getting the smaller one now.

Either way, I’ll have 5 months of actual use of the iPad since it works so much better for me than the 11". :slight_smile:


Did you end up holding off for the Mini update? I see the news one’s come out since you wrote this and wondering if you ended up up(down?)grading? Any tips if so?

I also have a Kindle recent Paperwhite and wondering if I will ditch that with a Mini.

I have the 11inch Pro and bought a iPad Mini 6. The latter is a wonderful device but I still find myself reaching for my 11inch Pro. I am in my mid forties so the 11inch is easier to read, its not that much bigger and I prefer the Face ID.

I am now contemplating getting rid of the Mini as it does not get much use.

As a Kindle replacement, its easier to highlight, etc on the Mini, however its heavier, and is not as distraction free as the Kindle.


Resurrecting this thread. I posted earlier as an iPad Pro user. With the new crop of iPads and iPadOS, I’m not sure what the point of the iPad Pro is. I use it mostly for note taking and reading. Almost anything I could do on my iPad I can do more easily on the 13" M1 MacBook Pro (yes, I’m one of the few who bought this odd laptop). So, the iPad seems good for on the go for which a mini would be better.

@afhussain, is vision the main reason you reach for the iPad 11 inch? My eyes are older than yours. I can live with TouchID.

I got tired of the size of the Pro and bought a mini as well. I don’t use the multitasking features and I don’t use my iPad for productivity, so I thought it would be an easy switch.

For the first few weeks I loved the mini. The small size is convenient, indeed. Now, several months later, I can’t tell you the last time I used the mini. I went back to the pro because I wanted to respond on a forum and not just read it. The screen on the pro was so much better (so much better) I didn’t go back to the mini. Until there is screen parity, I don’t see myself buying another mini. Even then, I think it’s just a bit too small. It couldn’t replace my kindle because e-ink wins for reading. It couldn’t replace my pro for anything that involved on screen typing. I’m just not sure there’s space for it in my lineup that justifies the hefty price.


I had the same dilemma when upgrading my iPad Pro 10.5". I was hoping to be able to use an iPad mini, and tried one out for a couple of weeks. I ended up returning it and going for the iPad Pro 11". I loved the size and weight of the iPad mini, but the text was too small for my eyes. I found myself constantly reaching for my old iPad Pro 10.5" for the bigger screen size. It’s just better for reading news, blogs, pdfs, etc… The iPad mini was great for books, but that was about it. So I got a Kindle Paperwhite on sale for $100 for books. I think I’d prefer the iPad mini over the Kindle, but the Kindle has advantages too.

One last thing to consider. Should one decide to go with the iPad Pro, the case you use can make a huge differece in the weight for handholding and reading. Pay close attention to the case weights. The best is the Apple case, but of course it’s super expensive.

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