How scared of High Sierra should I be!?



Thanks I thought the cut off was 2011, my mistake.


Well, I want to thank all of you for sharing your experiences. I really appreciate everyone’s comments. I figured I would hear both good and bad things. For those who had a bad experience, I feel your pain! It really stinks when updates to software, whether it’s an OS or just an application, cause us headaches we didn’t have before.

What I did find encouraging was that there were more people with a good experience than a bad one. Maybe part of the reason was that people waited a while to upgrade. Maybe by the time 10.13.6 was released, High Sierra was in the state it should have been six or more months earlier.

I think I’m much more likely to update my iMac to High Sierra than I was when I first made this post. I know I can’t stay on El Capitan forever! Plus it will be fun to be a little more current. Now I just have to carve some time out to do the update!

Thanks again, everyone.


Same. Glad to be the odd one out in this case (as in any case where I had a bad time.)


I spoke too soon on things working just fine.

See new thread on calendar crashes


Well, you weren’t the only person who had issues, unfortunately! But, you’re due for better luck in the future, I’d say! :grin:


After eliminate all iCloud access from everywhere my calendar is now stable.

Next up attempt to restart iCloud for Safari bookmarks and find my mac which is all I want to use it for.

Other than my calendar woes the upgrade form Sierra to High Sierra was very painless.