How Spotify Handles the "Artist" view

I’m new to this forum but I feel like I’ve finally found a place where I can discuss the idiosyncrasies of my software life with people who will understand me. Most of my friends just download the default of everything and never change a setting. Nevermind my wife’s iPhone screens – yes, SCREENS – that are not organized in any way, shape or form. But I digress – happy to have found a home with you all. Long time listener of MPU and new Focused listener!

I prefer Apple Music, let’s get that out of the way. I feel like for old folks like me (40’s), I want to listen to music the way I did growing up – by album. When I open Apple Music I have the option to play a playlist (I don’t debate Spotify is strong on this point). I do this often, but I also really like browsing through my library. To do that, I click on “Artists” quite a bit and scroll through a list of bands in my library.

One day a couple of months ago (I sometimes sub to Spotify and Apple concurrently), I was looking through Spotify and figured I’d browse through the artists in my library. Only one artist appeared in this list, yet – I have over 100 artists in my library.

I reached out to support and they said this is by design. Only artists you “follow” show up in this view. WHAT?!

So finding music by artist is a bit tedious. Okay. Then… if I did somehow manage to land on a page for an artist I like (e.g. Led Zeppelin), instead of showing me their albums I get a list of all the songs – with the album icon beside it.

Spotify has great playlists but they seem to rely very heavily on people who treat it like a radio station, listening to singles and random songs. If you like to build a collection and listen to albums, I don’t see how Spotify works for people.

But the artist view not showing music by artist? I mean, come on.

If Spotify were a hardware store, I feel like it’s the kind of place where I walk in looking for a 3" wood screw, and the staff member directs me to one giant container full of screws and says “it’s in there somewhere”.

It doesn’t sound like you are on the artist page. You should see the top 5 songs, a Discography section right under that, and then some other stuff below that.

Thanks, I haven’t checked the desktop app. The behaviour I’m referencing is in the iOS app. But I’ll have a look around.

There are some concessions made for the smaller screen size, but it should show you pretty much the same thing on iOS.

Unfortunately I don’t think so. I have a good sized library and this is my artists view

I was referring to the artist page that you referenced. As far as the Artist View in the Library, I don’t know. I don’t ever go to that page. There are some artists in mine, but I’m not sure what I did to get them there. Judging by which artists are included I would guess that they are leftovers from some previous way that Spotify handled things. Beyond the playlists that I created, I view all of Spotify as my library. If I want to pull up a certain artist or album, I just search for it.