How to Burn 96 MB of Movies onto DVD

in my work of coaching others on how to use digital devices, I just got a call from a guy who is VERY frustrated that he can’t get some 96MB of movie files burned on DVDs. He has an OLD mac. I think he said eight years. I know that there’s an issue with burning movie files and think it’s processor speed/size? It’s not my expertise.

Can anyone clarify the hows of how to do it?


Do you mean a DVD you can play on a DVD player or storing the movie files as data for accessing on other computers?

For the former there should be an application on their Mac called iDVD. It used to come as standard with macOS but no more. It lets you supply movie files and turns them to standard video DVDs with a menu to choose which movie to play if there’s more than one.

I have a new Mac that doesn’t have iDVD. I use Toast DVD which is pretty minimalistic but gets the job done. I’d be curious if anyone has better suggestions.

Not necessarily a better suggestion (I have no experience with it), but at $40 Cisdem DVD Burner, last updated in June, is a bit cheaper than the $49 Toast Express, which hasn’t been updated since 2016.

There used to be a passel of other Mac disc burning apps, like the free apps Burn, and Disco, but they haven’t been updated since the 1st Obama administration.