How to declutter hundreds of screenshots?

I have an abundance of screenshots on the desktop of this shared computer. I would love to sort through them, toss those we no longer need and create folders for each owner. The stack info says there are 407 and none have been renamed.

I see their name includes a date. Is there a way to separate them by date? Doing that would make easier to evaluate them.

What built-in tools or utility software do you recommend for sorting through these?

I look forward to hearing some ideas and solutions.
Thank you

Suppose you get a Finder window of these files and sort them by their creation dates. Then you should be able to just grab a bunch of them and drag them into a folder.

I assume you have a lot of these

Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 6.52.20 AM.png

To sort, I’d put them in a folder, use list view, and tell Finder to sort by date created. Or use View > As Gallery to triage the images.

How many months are we talking?
If a “reasonable” number, you could search in finder in the folder for, say, 2021-11, ⌘-A to select all, right-click and create a folder from the selection.

Second option, put them in a Photos library, set up hotkeys for keywords (⌘-K to open the keyword manager), then just have at it. Later you can create smart albums based on the keywords.

The sounds like a job for Hazel.