How to disable auto-adjustment of Photos on iOS?

When I want to crop a picture in iOS, the app will automatically adjust the angle of the picture and crop it a little bit.
Can this be turned off? Google didn‘t help me.

I’ve tried to reproduce this on all our iOS devices (>5) But am unable to. For me there is no automatic adjustment of the angle.

Is it always the same number of degrees?

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This is the auto level feature - trying to be helpful and give you nice straight lines. Unfortunately I’m not sure how to turn it off either!


I too could not find a way to turn off auto-leveling when activating crop either. I thought it might have something to do with having the grid activated but turning it off in System Preferences did not help.

Generally I’ve found it to be slightly more useful than an annoyance, but at least it can easily be re-set to zero on the dial when needed.

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I find it annoying, because I‘m obsessive about straight pictures and will level and adjust myself anyway, if it is a picture that’s supposed to be straight.
But if it’s not, I have to reset this adjustment and often times this also includes auto-crop as well. At least it gives you a nice haptic touch when you hit the zero mark.