How to Disable New GDPR Cookies Warnings on Websites?

I browse the internet in private mode and have a couple of ad blocking type plugins. Since GDPR became a thing, many websites have really annoying cookies notifications that aren’t quite popups but extend from bottom of screen. And since I’m not storing cookies to have the sites remember that they warned me about storing cookies, the sites prompt me with the warning each time I go onto them.

I feel like I’m in the cookie matrix because I can’t stop seeing cookie warnings unless I agree to accept cookies! :smile:

Has anyone else noticed this or found a way around it?

On Chrome, using either uBlock Origin or Nano Adblocker (I use Nano), it’s a simple matter to add a free filter list to block GDPR notices. Reddit thread about it here:

There’s a $2 app called Banner Hunter that is supposed to help with this.

I use it and it seems to fix them on most sites, and there’s a way to report sites that don’t work, so hopefully it gets better over time, but of course it’s hard to know if it’s working, because if I don’t see them, does that mean it’s working or that the sites I’m visiting aren’t using them?

$2 was cheap enough so I bought it and use it.

I’ve just upgraded from 1Blocker Legacy to 1Blocker X on iOS and it works perfectly when enabling then “Block Annoyances”.

Since I haven’t a Mac I can’t the macOS version, but I know that the Legacy functioned just the same on Mac.