How to get audio and vga from a usbc ipad?

Does anyone know how to get both a vga signal and audio out of an iPad Pro 2018 model? This was easy in previous models that had a headphone jack. I’ve tried a usbc to vga with an additional usbc to audio jack adapter. No luck. I don’t want to lug around an Apple TV just for this.

The projectors I have at school use vga only. They use a 3.5mm cable for audio.

There are USB-C hubs out there with VGA and USB-C (this one, for instance).

I’m a bit worried about buying these hubs. I found one I thought was interesting, but the only reviewer with an iPad 2018 said the audio out didn’t work. I guess I’ll take the risk.

Thanks for the link Chris!

The linked one didn’t work. The review for hubs mention the audio not working. I wonder what’s going on.

Clunky, but perhaps try a low cost Bluetooth adapter in lieu of the headphone jack.

I believe the USB-C jacks on dongles are only for power pass-thru and can’t host another dongle.

You are correct about the usbc. I hadn’t thought about using a bluetooth receiver. I bought one that can emit and receive. Maybe ill get some extra use out of this thing at least.

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