How to get specific Radio URLs in order to be launched using a workflow widget

I’m looking for a way to launch a radio via workflow, using a URL such as

I’m not talking about radios ‘by genre’ such as Pure-pop (French URL above), Jazz or Hip-Hop.
I have a workflow working for this.

I’m looking to do the same with a national radio, in my case ´Radio Nova´ or ´franceinfo’.

When I launch one of these radios in Music, I don’t have the option ´Share the station’.
So I cannot access the URLs.

Do you know a way to access these URLs when the option ´Share the station’ is not available?


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The only way I can think of is to navigate to their website from a computer, and either right-click the button/link on their webpage that launch the radio through HTTP and grab the stream URL that way.

If the link for their URL stream isn’t available through that solution, I’d recommend listening to the radio on your computer, switch to the window containing the radio (the player window), and then (if on Safari on Mac, at least) go through the code with the Encoding option in the top menu bar.
The stream URL should be there, for sure.

What’s the next step after grabbing the URL?

Try this one:

Thanks Tonny & Clarker.
I’ll let you know if it solves my issue

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So, it works. Thanks.
I am able to launch the radio from the widget.

The only thing, it is opened in Safari, not in the Music app as it is done with the workflow for Beats 1 Radio

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Great to hear it works.
How to launch in the Music app through a workflow… hmmm… I’d have bet that either Google might be able to help, if not anyone in here

Here are some details ; the 3 URLs tested are different:

The 2 first links are opened in the Music app.
The last one in Safari.

The workflow:

  • URL
  • Open URLs

Cannot connect to itunes store is error I get on iPad. I do have the music app.