How to log reminders in Due

Does anyone know how to log a reminder in Due for iOS so that I’m able to activate it at a later point when it again becomes necessary to use it?

On iOS all completed reminders are saved in the ‘Logged’ folder - simply select it and click the triangular ‘recycle’ icon to return it to the main ‘All Reminders’ window.

Hmm. Are you also talking about the Due app on iOS? I can’t seem to locate that action. I have a few logged reminders in the Logged section in Due… but I don’t see any way to send a current active reminder to the logged section… I don’t see a setting for that :thinking:

Once you are in the Logged folder, you have to select the item you want to reactivate. The last circle is the one with the triangle inside.

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Yes. Select the reminder in Logged" you want to act upon, and choose the triangular recycle icon.

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But how do I add reminders to that logged list? I know how to reactivate them

I believe any non-repeating reminder that you check off gets added to the Logged list.

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Anything ‘logged’ is literally logged as having been created then completed/marked-off. You must have a reminder that has occurred in order for it to be logged.

Want to invoke a reminder in the future? Create it in the future. Using Logged as a repository of potential future reminders you don’t want to yet send is not really how the app works, but you could of course create and mark-off something immediately and that would send it into Logged. (alongside all your ‘real’ logged items.)

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